School Amphitheatre — Captain Green
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School Amphitheatre

Ridgeway playground landscaping

School Amphitheatre

Newspaper article regarding the build of an amphitheatre and seating area. Ridgeway Primary School, Market Harborough. Published in Harborough Mail

Teamwork transforms school playground area

Last year Ridgeway Primary School were a little embarrassed to come second in the Worst Garden category but this year, through a lot of hard work raising money and planning a new school garden, they hope to do a lot better. They have entered the Best Team Effort category this year after a lot of work went into fundraising by the Friends of Ridgeway School.

A variety of events were held including a ladies day summer fair, ladies shopping evenings and school parties. Planning for the new garden started late September and eventually they raised enough money to have the whole area redesigned and made into an outdoor classroom for children to use at recreation times.

A lot of input came from the children and everyone was asked what they thought about how they wanted the area to look. Everyone said the aim should be to make it useful for functions and for the children to play on as well as for being a quiet area. Captain Green, an outside Contractor was called in and started work during the Easter break this year which was a nice surprise for the children after the holiday.

The Contractor did the Landscaping and constructional work, making it like an outdoor amphitheatre with tiered seating with two flat levels and a stage area to perform on. It was made of timber construction with plants around the outside to soften it. Kathy Green, speaking for the Friends of Ridgeway School, said: “They have worked really hard to raise the money… a really concerted effort,”

Team effort….

Rachel Stewart, Barbara Robertson, Jo Andrew, Kathy Green, Head Teacher, David Fox, Louise Johnson, Louise Burgess and Teacher Therese Orton in the new garden.

(Picture: Andrew Carpenter/001335-28)

And here’s how it looked before…. Head Teach David Fox with pupils in their bare garden last year.