School Outdoor Classroom — Captain Green
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School Outdoor Classroom

Meadowdale School garden

School Outdoor Classroom

Meadowdale Primary SchoolArticle relating to the build of an outdoor classroom and quiet area for Meadowdale Primary School, Market Harborough. As published by Harborough Mail 18th Nov 2010.


“On Monday 1st November 2010, the second phase of the playground project began at Meadowdale Primary School. All thanks to Captain Green, a Landscape Gardening & Design Business, the outdoor classroom is being completed as we speak. The development will be completed within the next couple of weeks.

It was made for calmness and friendship and also for people who do not want to run around at break-times. In addition, children will have the opportunity to learn like never before, in this outdoor environment.

Seven professional year 6 reporters interviewed the Caretaker of the school, Mr Andrew Blyth. Mr Blyth believes that: “It will be a wonderful, multiuse area.” He added “The progress has been slowed down at the moment as we are waiting for some trees that will be arriving hopefully in the next two weeks.”

Health and safety wise, Mr Blyth is planning to paint the wooden flooring with an anti-slip paste. In the meantime children are not to run up and down the seating area until this stage has been completed.

Along with all this Meadowdale’s amazing caretaker has invited The Harborough Mail and HFM to come to the opening ceremony of the outdoor classroom in January. Parents and children will also be invited to this exciting event.

The charities that helped us raise all this money to pay for the project were “The Bowden’s Charity” and “Meadowdale’s own PTA.

Captain Green was also a massive help as they are the Company that built these masterpieces, without them we wouldn’t own an outdoor classroom.

Mr Rodger and the rest of the staff at Meadowdale are all planning something special for January. This is because it is the tenth anniversary at Meadowdale Primary School. We are pleased to say that everybody is looking forward to the forthcoming celebrations.”